Afruz M. Gurbanova

Work place: Institute of Information Technology, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences 9A, B. Vahabzade Street, AZ1141, Baku, Azerbaijan



Research Interests: Data Structures and Algorithms, Data Mining


Afruz M. Gurbanova. Afruz M. Gurbanova graduated from Applied Mathematics faculty of Azerbaijan State University (ASU). After graduating from ASU worked at the Institute of Cybernetics of Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences as a developer. Her area of interest includes web technologies, computational linguistics, computational terminology, Data Mining technologies, particularly e-Azerbaijan state program and the development of the information system for the national terminology within the framework of the State Program related to the use of Azerbaijani language in accordance with the requirements of the globalized world and the development of linguists in the country within.

Author Articles
Development of a Decision Support System with the use of OLAP-Technologies in the National Terminological Information Environment

By Rasim M. Alguliyev Gulnara Ch. Nabibayova Afruz M. Gurbanova

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Jun. 2019

In order to improve analytical activities and providing support to decision makers in the field of terminology, the article proposes a decision support system developed based on the data warehouse technologies and online analytical processing OLAP. The architectural and technological model of the system, its integration with the terminological information system is presented. The role of this system in the National Terminology Information System is shown. The article also presents the structure of the data warehouse and the OLAP-cube developed on its basis.

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The Conceptual Foundations of National Terminological Information System

By Rasim M. Alguliyev Afruz M. Gurbanova

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Jul. 2018

The article presents issues of the establishment of National Terminological Information System as one of the development perspectives of national terminology. The current state and problems in terminology sphere in Azerbaijan are explored and the necessity of system establishment is justified. Ongoing research works in computational terminology field within the system are mentioned and several conceptual approaches are presented. International practice and standards in this direction are investigated and analyzed. Conceptual foundations and architecture-technological principles of the National Terminological Information System are developed. Primary functions of web-portal developed within the system framework are presented. As a result of the study on the system establishment, the future prospects of the National Terminological Information System have been identified. The article also stresses the expected outcomes as a result of the implementation of National Terminological Information System.

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