Abdo Hasan AL-Qadri

Work place: School of Education- Shaanxi Normal University, Xi'an 710062, P.R. China

E-mail: lubna23112015@outlook.com


Research Interests: Natural Language Processing


Abdo Hasan Al-Qadri was born in Yemen in 1984. He graduated from Faculty of Education of Sana’a University in 2006. He holds a MA degree in Psychological and Educational measurement and evaluation from Sana’a University in 2013. He is a Lecturer at Hodaidah University. He is currently a PhD student at Shaanxi Normal University- China. He worked as a trainer in the area of how to build a psychological standards and achievement tests in some Yemeni universities and schools. He worked as well as a consultant to the Social Fund for Development (YEMEN) in assessing the performance of teachers and adapting intelligence tests and educational difficulties. His research interest includes Educational Psychology mainly the preparation of psychological tests.
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Author Articles
Motivation to Learn and its Relationship to Academic Achievement among Students of basic Arabic Schools in China

By Abdo Hasan AL-Qadri Zhao Wei

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5815/ijmecs.2019.04.01, Pub. Date: 8 Apr. 2019

This correlational study examined the effects of motivation in the process of learning and its connections to the academic achievement of the students who study at the Basic Arabic Schools in China. The designed tool, which is a questionnaire, consists of 40 items and had been processed by statistical analysis to contrived psychometric properties and it had been achieved through validity and reliability. The study acknowledged the cumulative scores of academic achievement of students for the last academic year, which was considered as one of the variables of the current study and compared to motivation to learn in the questionnaire sample of 30 students as well as the sample of the final study which covered all 242 students in the basic Arabic schools of the 7th, 8th and 9th Grades. The study found that there was a significant correlation between motivation to learn and academic achievement of students. It was proved through correlation and regression analysis that there was a positive relationship between motivation and academic achievement and the ability to predict the academic achievement through motivation. It had been found that the most motivated students are the ones who achieve higher academic performance. There were significant differences in motivation according to the gender in which females scored the highest means. Besides, no significant differences found in grade variables.

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