Nalinsak Gnotthivongsa

Work place: Department of Computer Science and Technology Central South University, Changsha, China



Research Interests: Computer Science & Information Technology, Information Systems, Information Retrieval, Multimedia Information System


Nalinsak Gnotthivongsa was born in Savannakhet Province, Laos, on July 17, 1992. She has received a Bachelor of Engineering, majoring in Information Technology at the Faculty of Engineering, National University of Laos, Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR in the Academic year 2013-2014.
Currently she studies Master’s degree in Department of Computer Science and Technology Central South University, Changsha, China.

Author Articles
Real-time Corresponding and Safety System to Monitor Home Appliances based on the Internet of Things Technology

By Nalinsak Gnotthivongsa Huangdongjun Khamla Non Alinsavath

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Apr. 2020

Smart Home is a versatile system that incorporates several elements, i.e., visual intercom, home security, remote monitoring of home appliances, remote video surveillance, care systems and online education systems. The basic goal of a smart home is to connect various information-related communication devices, household appliances and home security devices in the home, to an intelligent system for centralized or remote monitoring, control and family affairs management. IoT refers to the infrastructure of connected physical devices, which is growing at a rapid rate, as a huge number of devices and objects are getting connected to the Internet. Internet of Things (IoT) is a significant part of the smart home scenario. It performs information exchange and communication between the home environment and smart system, through multiple sensors, such as photoelectric sensors, radio frequency identification, and so on. Its purpose is to realize real-time connection between objects and objects, objects and people, all items and networks, and to facilitate identification, management and control. This proposed paper presents a smart home application to support real-time correspondence to reduce the cost of implementation, to pursue life intelligence and comfort, with the hope that the system is able to provide a much more convenient and efficient energy saving consumption for the daily activities of the family. Having this application helps a lot of user to know the real-time notification in case of emergency occurs within the house, the advanced feathers of this application consisting of monitoring, control system and information support system as one stop-service application in order to assist user to know more environment context and being intermediate between user and home appliances. For example, if someone forgets to turn off the light when they are out of the home, and all other home appliances are active without being used. As such, a smart home, or home automation, which induces technology for the home atmosphere provides ease of use and the necessary protection to its occupants.

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