Ardiles Sinaga

Work place: Widyatama University, Bandung, 40124, Indonesia



Research Interests: Medical Informatics


Ardiles Sinaga, is currently serving as a Lecturer on the Department of Informatics at Widyatama University and Binus University, Indonesia. In 2013, he is completed his S2-Magister in Telkom University on Informatics Department. He can be contacted at

Author Articles
Implementation of Weighted Product Method for Evaluating Performance of Technicians

By Ardiles Sinaga Disma Maulana

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Aug. 2022

The ISP is responsible for providing programmable cables or DSL modems. The ISP will send a technician to run the cabling and activate the service to the home or office. There are several obstacles from observations made at PT Telkom Akses Ujung Berung in evaluating the performance of Technicians. Management has difficulty evaluating the performance of the desired assessment technician. The evaluation process still uses an assessment based on subjective perceptions from the team leader, this is due to the absence of appropriate methods to be applied in the process of evaluating the performance of technicians at PT Telkom Akses Ujung Berung. One way to overcome the problem is the existence of a method for making appropriate decisions to assess or evaluate the performance of the Technician. The purpose of this research is to implement a decision support system that is implemented in an application performance evaluation technician with the Android-based Weight Product method that can solve problems by multiplying to connect the attribute rating with the corresponding weight attribute. In this method, there are 5 criteria used and 12 alternative ratings for PT. Telkom Access Ujung Berung. The results of this research are the highest results from the criteria, which are sorted from the highest to the lowest technician scores so that it can facilitate the management in evaluating the performance of technicians at PT Telkom Akses Ujung Berung.

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Implementation of Convolutional Neural Network to Classification Gender based on Fingerprint

By Ahmad Ilham Gustisyaf Ardiles Sinaga

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Aug. 2021

Gender is one of the vital information to identify someone. If we can decide with conviction whether an individual is male or female, it will restrain the inquiry list and abbreviate the pursuit time. The way toward distinguishing fingerprints is one of the significant, simple to do assortment strategies, the cost is cheap, and a dactyloscopy authority does the particular outcome. The classification of the image gets the issues in computer vision, where a computer can mimic the capacity of an individual to comprehend the data in the image. Process of classifying image can be performing with deep learning where the process like the working of the brain in thinking and trying to reproduce part of its functions by using units associated with relationship, like a neuron. Convolutional neural network is one type of deep learning. In this research, will be doing to classification gender based on fingerprint using method Convolutional Neural Network, and then we will make three models to determined gender, with a total of 49270 image data that included test data and training data by classifying two categories, male and female. Of the three models, we are taking the highest accuracy to use in making this application. Results of this research is we get Model2 will be used as a model CNN with the accuracy level of 99.9667%.

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Analysis of Blockchain Technology Recommendations to be Applied to Medical Record Data Storage Applications in Indonesia

By Senny Hapiffah Ardiles Sinaga

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Dec. 2020

Personal Health Record or we know as the medical record in Indonesia has its regulations relating to ownership, confidentiality and authorization from the authorities to provide medical record entries to their ownership. Not many health facilities in Indonesia that digitize medical record data storage and there are still many health facilities that use third parties to manage medical record data. This raises problems such as data access, data exchange, privacy, security and approval among the people involved in it. In this case, the doctor is authorized to provide the patient’s medical record, according to the examination results that have been carried out by the patient.
Blockchain technology or distributed ledger technology seems to offer a solution to some of the problems encountered. Blockchain is a digital ledger of verified transactions that are locked chronologically in an encrypted chain. This platform uses a decentralized approach that allows the information to be distributed and that each piece of distributed information or commonly known as data have shared ownership. Based on these functional needs, Blockchain technology Ethereum can be a solution. Ethereum blockchain provides smart contract features that are stateful and Turing-completeness, so that it can be used to store data and execute complex operations. This study provides an overview of how blockchain technology can be a solution to problems that arise related to the storage of patient medical record data in Indonesia. While the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is used to accommodate file sharing requirements.

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Implementation of Business Intelligence to Determine Evaluation of Activities (Case Study Indonesia Stock Exchange)

By Ali Fajri Ardiles Sinaga

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Dec. 2020

This study aims to examine how to evaluate the activities undertaken in IDX. By building the system "business intelligence implementation to determine the evaluation of activities ". Where in this study also used the algorithm Naive Bayes in the process of data classification activities that have been done. The approach to the development of this software is through the study of libraries, data collection, system design, system implementation, Test systems and analysis. The tools used in the development of this software are Pentaho, PostgreSQL (as a data processing tool), Microsoft Excel (as a tool for creating training data), XAMPP (as a Web server tool) and the encoding used in this software development is the PHP CodeIgniter framework (as the backend), Highcharts (as Dashboard views) and DataTables (as table views). In this study, authors build software that is expected to help the Directorate of Development (RPE) in conducting evaluation activities in IDX. The analysis of the study uses variables from budget-realization data and activity categories as comparators to figure out the activity status. The study also used IDX activity data in 2018 to implement a built-in system. The results of this study show that the realization of the budget and category of this activity strongly affects the activities that will be evaluated or not evaluated. Activities in each of the IDX representative offices are also potentially to be evaluated, depending on the value of the budget specified in the training data set.

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Data Mining with Associated Methods to Predict Consumer Purchasing Patterns

By Hena Lisnawati Ardiles Sinaga

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Oct. 2020

Technology is developed and utilized as an honest computer in order that it can provide useful information. With the aim of developing and meeting business objectives, the utilization of sales transaction data in minimarket GP is processed into information or knowledge as a recommendation to ascertain the possible value of purchased simultaneously. This processing uses data mining.
Database buildup in computerized systems is justified by getting added value from this data set. Data mining can predicts trends and therefore the nature of business behavior which is extremely useful to support important deciding.
The algorithm wont to form the association rules during this study is CT-Pro. CT-Pro algorithm may be a development of FP-Growth. The difference is within the second step where FP-Growth creates the FP-Tree arrangement while CT-Pro makes the Compressed FP-Tree (CFP-Tree) arrangement. The CT-Pro algorithm process by analyzing employing a tree system where the things most frequently purchased become root and other items will follow the basis. The CFP-Tree process will provide levels for every transaction and facilitate mining results.
CT-Pro algorithm implementation with CFP-Tree arrangement applied to data mining systems is in a position to research sales data for 3 months, namely January 2020 – March 2020 with a complete data record of 1.303 and 320 sales transactions at minimarket GP become information or knowledge. The results of this study are the relationship between the tendency of products that are bought together based on categories in a kind of percentage to be used as a recommendation in structuring the position of items that are mutually frequent in certain categories.

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