Padam Gulwani

Work place: HOD (Computer Science) People’s College of Research & Technology, Bhopal (M. P.)



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Association Rule Hiding by Positions Swapping of Support and Confidence

By Padam Gulwani

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Apr. 2012

Many strategies had been proposed in the literature to hide the information containing sensitive items. Some use distributed databases over several sites, some use data perturbation, some use clustering and some use data distortion technique. Present paper focuses on data distortion technique. Algorithms based on this technique either hide a specific rule using data alteration technique or hide the rules depending on the sensitivity of the items to be hidden. The proposed approach is based on data distortion technique where the position of the sensitive items is altered but its support is never changed. The proposed approach uses the idea of representative rules to prune the rules first and then hides the sensitive rules. Experimental results show that proposed approach hides the more number of rules in minimum number of database scans compared to existing algorithms based on the same approach i.e. data distortion technique.

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