Muhammad Asad Bin Khalid

Work place: Computer Science Institute of Business Administration Karachi, Pakistan



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Muhammad Asad Bin Khalid, Masters in Computer Science Institute of Business Administration Karachi, Pakistan

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Communication Challenges for Distributed Teams

By Muhammad Asad Bin Khalid Asim Farooq Waqas Mahmood

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Feb. 2021

The paper discusses the issues and problems faced by individuals working in diverse or distributed teams especially in the software industry. The research shows a feedback and trend of the teams that work in distributed environments letting us understand the behaviors and figuring out solutions for the problems of communication. The trend was already set in a few organizations that provided outsourcing services to their clients but after the recent issue of the pandemic almost all organizations switched towards this trend and started focusing on working in distributed teams and not on site. This ensured the safety of the employees as well as it let them keep their work and performance undisturbed. But in the practice of working in distributed teams the major factor that affected the performance was the problem in communication, either due to the available mediums (online meeting software products) or the internet connections. The only factor affecting the performances somehow was the communication problem factor and we have addressed this in our paper, moreover a survey is also done through a questionnaire with the people of software industries in Pakistan and a result is generated for how the people feel working in distributed environments and what hurdles they faced in communication.

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