Aliakbar Shahbahrami

Work place: Iranian Northern DSO, Nowshahr, Iran



Research Interests: Algorithm Design, Data Structures and Algorithms


Aliakbar Shahbahrami received his B.Sc. from Tehran Polytechnic University in electrical engineering and received his Ms.C. from Qazvin University. He is currently the head of the R&D section in Iranian northern DSO. His research interests are electrical distribution system planning, optimal distribution system design, Seasonal load analysis and data science.

Author Articles
Optimal Capacity Determination For Electrical Distribution Transformers Based On IEC 60076-7 And Practical Load Data

By Keyvan Farahzad Aliakbar Shahbahrami Mani Ashouri

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Feb. 2020

Optimal installation of electrical distribution transformers has always been a challenging task for distribution operator (DSO)s due to load variations, particularly for seasonal loads. Depending on the quality of distribution systems in different regions and countries, a considerable number of installed transformers may be oversized or have capacity lower than critical standard. In this study, IEC 60076-7 is used to calculate the temperature limitations for distribution transformer capacities and determine optimal transformer capacity for an electrical distribution substation based on the critical values and limitations given in the standard. A data logger is installed on the substation and the load data is recorded for one year. Additionally, the impact of different parameters like ambient temperature is investigated for optimal determination of transformer capacity.

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