Junhui Liu

Work place: Studies Affairs Office Zhengzhou College of Animal Husbandry Engineering Zhengzhou, P.R.China 450011

E-mail: nlijhliu@163.com


Research Interests: Computational Engineering, Engineering


Junhui Liu, male and master, was born in 1980. He is a lecturer at Studies Affairs Office, Zhengzhou College of Animal Husbandry Engineering. His interests include signal processing and information fusion.

Author Articles
Asynchronous Data Fusion With Parallel Filtering Frame

By Na Li Junhui Liu

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5815/ijitcs.2011.03.07, Pub. Date: 8 Jun. 2011

This paper studies the design of data fusion algorithm for asynchronous system with integer times sampling. Firstly, the multisensor asynchronous samplings is mapped to the basic axis, accordingly a sampling sequence of single sensor can be taken. Secondly, aiming at the sensor with the densest sampling points, the modified parallel filtering is given. Afterwards, the sequential filtering fusion method is introduced to deal with the case that there are multiple mapped measurements at some sampling point. Finally, a novel parallel filtering fusion algorithm for asynchronous system with integer times sampling is proposed. Besides, a judgment scheme to distinguish measurement number at every sampling point in the fusion period is also designed. One simple computer numerical value simulation is demonstrated to validate the effectiveness of the judgment scheme and the proposed asynchronous fusion algorithm.

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