Shu Hongchun

Work place: Faculty of Electrical Engineering Kunming University of Science and Technology Kunming, Yunnan Province, China



Research Interests: Engineering


Hongchun Shu Born in 1961, male, Ph.D., professor, doctoral s upervisor, work for the new power system protection and fault location, fault recorder, digital signal processing and DSP applications such as teaching and research.
Senior member of China Society of Electrical Engineering, Institute of Electrical Engineering, vice chairman of Yunnan Province, Yunnan Electric Power Industry Association executive director, Electrical Industry Association executive director of Yunnan Province, Yunnan Hydropower Association executive director. Long been engaged in power system protection and control of teaching and research work. Protection and fault location in the new, digital signal processing and DSP applications have a more indepth study. Papers of EI contains more than 110 articles published in academic monographs 3, 37national patent applications, authorized 14; presided over the completion of national and provincial level Fund Twelve.

26 years in teaching, as the students for their friends, always maintaining the dignity of students, through their own words and deeds will be "Germany" imperceptibly passed to the students, really do a good job teaching, training nearly100 doctoral, Master; his hard skills, high school as a teacher: teaching, teaching methods continue to improve and update educational ideas, with scientific research feeding time teaching. Scientific research, focusing on "power system protection and control" the direction of research, technological achievements have made significant economic and social benefits.

Author Articles
The Identification of Internal and External Faults forĀ±800kV UHVDC Transmission Line Using Wavelet based Multi-Resolution Analysis

By Shu Hongchun Tian Xincui Dai Yuetao

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 May 2011

There is a smoothing reactor and DC filter between the inverter and the direct current line to form a boundary in the HVDC transmission system. Since this boundary presents the stop-band characteristic to the high frequency transient voltage signals, the high-frequency transient voltage signal caused by external faults through boundary will be attenuated and the signals caused by internal faults will be unchanged. The wavelet analysis can be used as a tool to extract the feature of the fault to classify the internal fault and the external fault in HVDC transmission system. This paper explores the new method of wavelet based Multi-Resolution Analysis for signal decomposition to classify the difference types fault.

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