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Work place: Changzhou university International Institute of Ubiquitous Computing, Jiangsu, Changzhou213164, China



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Building Sequence Span Attribute Model and Example Analysis

By Yuqiang Sun Yuwan Gu Guodong Shi

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 May 2011

Parallel parsing is one of the key technologies of parallel system. Grammatical character affects the efficiency of parallel parsing and degree of difficulty of implement. Existing methods have problems as follows: Parallelism of grammar that adapt different data object is difference, if there is a large difference between considering attribute and analysis object structure, then affect efficiency. Specific grammar parallel parsing is systematically studied. Scanning parallel parsing methods from the new angle of sequence span after word lattice distortion. Considering sequence span attribute between some specific grammars makes parsing without changing structure and data of CYK table based on the structure of word lattice CYK initialization table; In passing item of the form [i , j , Bη•] in parallel parsing item table memory structure in circle structure is adopted chain breaking technology; When indexed optimize analysis, the key algorithms of increasing the feasibility and validity of sequence span attribute、reusing parsing tree、calculating of d space function and node separating are further studied, then unification and optimize effect between analysis table middle structure and data object structure is reached. New algorithm and implement strategy of parallel parsing of specific grammar is proposed.

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