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Work place: China University of Petroleum/Department of Civil Engineering, Qingdao, P.R.China

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Study on The Earthquake Disaster Reduction Information Management System and Its Application

By Youhai Guan Xudong Cheng Yuan Zhang

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5815/ijisa.2011.01.07, Pub. Date: 8 Feb. 2011

It is significant to scientifically carry out the urban earthquake disaster reduction. According to the features of China urban earthquake disaster reduction, this paper designed the urban earthquake disaster reduction information management system, which proposed a system design idea, system composition and function structure. The system adopted the object-oriented language VB6.0 and the component set ArcGIS Engine provided by ESRI for development. We applied a variety of information techniques (GIS and database) for spatial information acquisition, analysis and computing, and drew up function modules corresponding to inquiry, spatial analysis, risk analysis and data management. By using this system we can achieve scientific management about the earthquake disaster information in storage and transportation engineering, draw up kinds of earthquake emergency decisions intellectually and make them visual, which improved the efficiency and velocity of earthquake emergency evidently, and assisted the decision-making system effectively for the earthquake emergency work.

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