Mohammed Jawar Khami

Work place: Computer science at Basra technical institute, The Southern Technical University, Iraq



Research Interests: Automation and Control, Encryption Technology, Data Science, Pattern Recognition


Mohammed Jawar Khami (1953) is an assistant professor of computer science at Basra technical institute in the Southern technical university, Iraq. He received his B.Sc. (Hon.) in electrical and electronic engineering 1982 from Sunderland Polytechnic, England, UK. Also, he received his MSc (1989) and Ph.D. (2000) in computer science from college of science, Basra University, Iraq. His area of research includes pattern recognition, computer based device’s control systems, data encryption, and data hiding. He is a former computer center manager and head of the computer systems department at Basra technical institute.

Author Articles
Transmitting Security Enforcement By Text Encrypting and Image Hiding Technique using Combined Encrypt/Hide Keys

By Mohammed Jawar Khami

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Jan. 2018

Comparative study of cryptography and steganography techniques shows that they have some strong and weak points when they used alone. But as we know from soft computing techniques (neural, genetic, and fuzzy computing), that when combining (hybridizing), more than one techniques, by the suitable way to do a job, the outcome will be a better technique with more strong points and less weak points.  Work of this paper represents an attempt to prove that combining cryptography with steganography techniques will result in hard transmitting system to break and thus enforcing security issues of secret text data transmitting over public channels. Matlab programs are written to encrypt plain text secret information following AES encrypt/decrypt algorithm with a key of 128 bits long and then hide/extract the text according to LSB insertion method with a key of 128 bits long too. System tests show that both techniques enforce each other and private data transmitting become more secure.

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