WANG Qiang

Work place: Xihua University, Chengdu, China



Research Interests: Virtual Reality, Immersive learning with Virtual Reality


Qiang WANG, born in Sichuan, in 1964. In 2007, he received the Ph.D. degree in Engineering from Sichuan University. He used to be the director of the Public Basic Teaching Division of the Department in Mechanical Engineering and Automation of Xihua University, and now is the director of Institute of Mechanical Design and Theory, the deputy managing director of Institute of Robots and a member of the southwest branch of Robotic Soccer Association and of the youth branch of Sichuan Mechanical Engineering Association. He worked at Mechanical Research & Design Institute of Sichuan Institute of Sealing Technology and then at Motorola Electronics Co., Ltd. Asia-Pacific R & D center in Singapore. He won the title of Chengdu Multi-Skill Teacher and was awarded a first prize and a second in the selection activity of Chengdu’s Top Ten University Teachers. He has presided over 1 national natural science foundation project, 3 provincial projects and more than 10 transverse projects. He currently researches on backlash-free double-roller enveloping worm gearing, hybrid institutions and their study of virtual axis machine tool, and fully autonomous multi-robot systems as well as market umbrellas and hanging umbrella automatic transformation. Over 30 of his papers were published in Core journals at home and abroad, and of which 10 were included by SCI, EI, and ISTP.

Author Articles
Research on Humanoid Robot Soccer System Based on Fuzzy Logic

By SHI Lei WANG Qiang Wu lijun

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Nov. 2010

This paper presents the use of a fuzzy logic controller combined with Machine Vision to improve the accuracy to identify the ball and speed of approaching the ball in Robot Soccer. The conventional robot control consists of methods for path generation and path following. When a robot moves away the desired track, it must return immediately, and while doing so, the obstacle avoidance behavior and the effectiveness of such a path are not guaranteed. So, motion control is a difficult task, especially in real time and high speed control. To achieve good control performance and requirements for timeliness, accuracy to identify and approach the ball, the paper designs a sugeno fuzzy control system, which could make robot complete the whole football performance, including finding, approaching and shooting ball. At the end of the paper, to validate the proposed fuzzy algorithm, the experiment on METALFIGHTER-2 humanoid robot has been run, which showed that the fuzzy controller is effectiveness and robustness.

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