Pingzhou Tang

Work place: North China Electric Power University/School of Economics and Management, Beijing, China



Research Interests: Computer systems and computational processes, Data Structures and Algorithms, Algorithmic Information Theory


Tang. Pingzhou, was borned on may 26, 1973, in TangShan city, HeBei province. Got the Bachelor's Degree in Mechanics field on july, 1996, at North China Electric Power University, Baoding, Hebei province. Got the Master’s Degree in Mechanics and Electronic field, at North China Electric Power University, Beijing, on April, 2000. Got the Doctor’s Degree in management field, at Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, on June, 2010. The major field of study includes national economy mobilization, information management and decision support, mobilization logistics, and so on.
He worked at Sino-Italy Joint Venture TaiMa Sanitary Company, TangShan city, Hebei provice. Now he worked in NORTH CHINA ELECTRIC POWER UNIVERSITY, Beijing. His publications listed as follows: [1] Layout of National Economic Mobilization Logistics Centers, Beijing, 2010. [2] The research on BP neural network model based on guaranteed convergence particle swarm optimization, IITA2008 11. [3] The Evaluation Study on the Ability of National Economy Mobilization Logistics Center based on Fuzzy-Grey Comprehensive Evaluation Method, WICOM, 2008.10. His research interests refer to logistics layout model and algorithm, theory and method of information management and decision support, and so on.

Author Articles
Research on the Layout of National Economic Mobilization Logistics Centers

By Pingzhou Tang Huiying Tian

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Nov. 2010

The problem of the layout of NEMLC (National Economic Mobilization Logistics Center) is one of the most important long-term decision-making issues. The result of NEMLC’s layout directly impacts many aspects of mobilization, such as time, reliability, quality, efficiency, cost, and so on, consequently affects the effect of the mobilization. Reasonable NEMLC layout can bring people convenience in the daily life, reduce costs, and improve service efficiency and competitiveness. Poor NEMLC layout often brings a great deal of inconvenience and loss, and even leads to mobilization failure. Under the restriction of mobilization time, the paper establishes the layout model that one or more mobilization logistics centers provide the material to the mobilization demanding place. The mobilization goods or service can reach the demanding place to carry into mobilization execution within the given time, and the number of the built NEMLCs is the least.

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