Suman De

Work place: Department of Computer Science and Applications, NSHM College of Management & Technology, Kolkata, 700053, India



Research Interests: Database Management System, Data Compression, Data Structures and Algorithms


Suman De is a final year student of Bachelor's in Computer Applications from NSHM College of Management & Technology, Kolkata appearing for his final Semester Examinations. He has achieved numerous feats which even includes a 98.46 percentile score in National Science Olympiad 2009 organized by Science Olympic Foundation.
Suman has been recruited by SAP Labs India Pvt. Ltd. as a Scholar in their Scholar@SAP programme where he will also be a part of an M.Tech. programme in Software Engineering from BITS Pilani. He attempts to indulge his creative and logical sense in discovering new techniques in the field of Computer Science.

Author Articles
A Brief Study on Enhancing Quality of Enterprise Applications using Design Thinking

By Suman De Vinod Vijayakumaran

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Sep. 2019

With the increase in automation for business processes, the competition among the software vendors have exponentially increased. The goal of empathizing with customer and understanding and delivering a product exactly as the customer demands, has become the primary focus for every software development firm. The lack of interaction between the development team and the end-user has always been the primary reason for software products not adhering to end-user expectations and multiple steps have been taken to address the same.
Design Thinking has been highly rated in terms of understanding the customer requirements and has found its way in terms of how a product is to be developed. This paper looks at various software testing methodologies and how design thinking can impact the same in terms of enhancing the quality and finally delivering the right product to the customer.

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An Encryption Technique based upon Encoded Multiplier with Controlled Generation of Random Numbers

By Sanjay Kumar Pal Suman De

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Sep. 2015

This paper presents an encryption technique based on independent random number generation for every individual message sent based upon a pass key which depends upon a secured telephonic conversation and the starting time of the conversation. . A multiplier technique is then applied on the plain text in order to generate the cipher text. The world runs on ciphers today and the generation of secure keys for producing a cipher asks for more simplicity yet requires much more effective cryptosystems which could generate a cipher with the most minimal complexity. Vedic Mathematics in itself offers a wide variety of techniques for encrypting a text which even involves concepts of elliptical curves, Vedic multiplier and so on. The Vedic Multiplier system is used for encoding and decoding and here we have used it to encrypt plain texts and generate a certain kind of cipher based on some random sequence of character equivalents and partial products. The objective of this paper will always resound for the development of a unique system which will ensure secrecy and authenticity for the private communication between two entities. The proposed idea can be implemented for inter-office message communication.

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