Md. Mahbobor Rahaman

Work place: Department of Business Administration, Leading University, Ragibnagar, South Surma, Sylhet-3112, Bangladesh



Research Interests: Data Structures and Algorithms, Data Mining


Md. Mahbobor Rahaman is a Lecturer in the major Management Information Systems at the Department of Business Administration, Leading University Bangladesh. He has completed his BBA and MBA from University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. In his teaching and research career, he has been focusing on using ICT in education, women empowerment, rural development, remote area development, ICT addictions, data mining, big data etc. Mr. Rahaman has 5 years of teaching and research experiences at different universities in Bangladesh. He has published 8 articles,3 project funds and presented 4 papers in national & international conferences.

Author Articles
Measuring the Performance of e-Primary School Systems in Bangladesh

By Wahiduzzaman Khan Md. Mahbobor Rahaman

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Feb. 2020

The government of Bangladesh (GoB) recently have introduced the concept of Digital Bangladesh. Education is one of the most vital sectors to make the digital nation. For that reason, the GoB has started to convert primary to e-primary schools. The main objective of this study is to investigate the current Information and Communication Technology (ICT) implementation status in e-primary schools by the GoB. The study is quantitative in nature. The study also develops an ICT implementation status model from the e-primary school systems in Bangladesh. This model has identified the ICT equipment, analyzed the ICT support & equipment, given weighted to each factor and investigated the current state of ICT implementation of e-primary schools in Bangladesh. The study has taken 800 sample schools from 8 divisions to investigate the current ICT implementation status. The study suggested that before implementing the ICT they will make sure all the infrastructure of ICT is available in those primary schools.

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Addiction of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Internet by the Bangladeshi University Students and Its Impact on Their Future

By Md. Mahbobor Rahaman

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Aug. 2018

The world is going to be a universal digital village and from the flow of this digitalization Bangladesh also riding of the tide. The key points of these digitalization is young generations basically university students of Bangladesh. ICT and Internet is a new trend for this country that’s the main reasons to encompass this by opportunity by young students. Bangladeshi young generations have also addicted in the upper tier of this list. The addiction of ICT & internet is more on the young generations than any other parts of the people generally in the third world countries. The main objective of this paper is to investigate the excessive use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and internet by the university students in Bangladesh. The study had collected the data from 24 public and private universities in Bangladesh out of 135. The study was used the simple random sampling (SRS) for analyzing the sample size with IBM SPSS 23.

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The Effects of Mobile Phone Use on Human Behaviors: A Study of Developing Country Like Bangladesh

By Md. Mahbobor Rahaman

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Nov. 2017

The mobile phone is an essential part for human life all over the world. From developed to developing, developing to under developed countries are affected by the mobile phone usages, each and every corner of this universe. In every single minute we are using mobile phone for our various purposes. Even when there is no purpose we are also just using mobile phone. This scenario is almost same all over the world. The mobile phone has been affected the human behavior and changed the nature of behavior in developing countries. This paper has divided into three parts first part gathered information; second part analyses collected information and third part draw conclusions. In this paper, the result of the mobile phone used and effect on human behaviors in developing country like Bangladesh has been presented. This paper will also analyze this issue by exploring the exiting literature related to the mobile phone usages on human behavior and effect of the mobile phone on society in developing countries. Finally, this paper was presented some efficient solutions to minimize the problems in developing countries.

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