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Work place: Department of Space Equipment, The Academy of Equipment Command & Technology, Beijing, 101416, China



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A General Simulation Framework Based on CAN Bus for Satellite Design

By Cheng Long Cai Yuanwen Liu Danghui

DOI:, Pub. Date: 29 Feb. 2012

The running status of a satellite can be imitated realistically through the use of an interactive simulation system, in which actual hardware can join for testing and validation. To solve the problem of interfaces and communications between different members in a satellite simulation system, an on-board interactive simulation system based on CAN bus is established. Several simulation members are built according to the composition of real system. Interfaces of drivers included in simulation members are packaged into a uniform interface, thus the on-board simulation system is established with the foundation of CAN bus simulation framework. Uniform communication interface of each simulation member is designed and realized, the framework of simulation flow is established, and foundation of intercommunion and operation between simulation members is laid. Experiment results prove that the framework can work stably with great efficiency and high flexibility, and expected effect is achieved.

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