Hongan Dong

Work place: Department of computer science, Binzhou Polytechnic College, Shandong, China

E-mail: bdonghong_an@163.com


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A study in Tabu Search Algorithm to Solve a Special Vehicle Routing Problem

By Xingrong Yan Hongan Dong

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5815/ijem.2012.01.08, Pub. Date: 29 Feb. 2012

In this paper, a kind of special vehicle routing problem based on reality-- vehicle routing problem with facultative demands is presented. The attributes of the problem and the optimization target are described. The mathematical model of the problem is set up. To solve the problem, A meta-heuristic approach called tobu search (TS) is put forward. The neighborhood structure and the parameters of TS algorithm are designed respectively. The proposed algorithm is successfully applied to a case and the result indicates the TS algorithm is practicable and valid.

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