Minhua Gao

Work place: Changzhou Maternity and Chidren Health Hospital Changzhou, China

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Analysis of 188 Cases of Laparoscopic Diagnosis of Infertility

By Minhua Gao

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5815/ijeme.2013.02.01, Pub. Date: 28 Feb. 2013

In this paper, we have applied ventroscopy in diagnosing and curing of acyesis. We had gathered 188 cases of ventroscopy about acvesis from February 2006 to December 2009 in our hospital. The effect showed that there were 115 acyesis cases caused by fallopian tube factor, which ranks first. And there were 35 acyesis cases caused by endometriosis, which ranks second. Other acyesis cases number was 23. About 48.9% patients in those 188 cases were pregnant after being cured. So, we can diagnose the reason of acvesis in time by means of ventroscopy.

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Transabdominal and Laparoscopic Myomectomy Comparative Analysis of 566 Cases

By Minhua Gao

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5815/ijem.2011.01.07, Pub. Date: 8 Feb. 2011

The purpose of our study here is introducing curative effect by comparing and analyzing abdominal type myomectomy and laparoscopic myomectomy. We have compared and analyzed 301 cases of abdominal type myomectomy and 265 cases of laparoscopic myomectomy which were in our hospital from January 2003 to December 2008. The study shows that the time of abdominal type myomectomy is 87.18±36.80 minutes, and the time of laparoscopic myomectomy is 81.56±30.71 minutes. There isn’t obvious difference between these two kinds of surgeries. The hemorrhagic volume in abdominal type myomectomy is 106.86±32.65 ml and the hemorrhagic volume in laparoscopic myomectomy is 85.23±30.37 ml. The hemorrhagic volume difference in these two kinds of surgeries is very important from the point of view of statistics (P<0.01). The average days which used to restore in abdominal type myomectomy is 2.85±1.73, and the average days which used to restore in laparoscopic myomectomy is 5.81±1.47. And the difference is also very important (P<0.01). We have concluded that the laparoscopic myomectomy has such advantages as small hurt, rapid restoration and no incision. On the other hand, the hemorrhagic volume is very low and the restoration-days are very low.

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