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C2C E-commerce Risk Assessment Based on AHP and Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation

By Wei baolu Dai Feng Liu jingxu

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5815/ijem.2011.01.06, Pub. Date: 8 Feb. 2011

Firstly this paper gives an introduction to the current C2C e-commerce transactions in China and gives a review of relevant theories and research. Then, we proposed a new method that AHP and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method of combining, and discuss the methods used in this risk assessment of the feasibility of e-commerce transactions. Finally, an instance of the application of this method to assess the final results prove that the application of the method of assessment of such problems feasible.
With the rapid development of Internet, e-commerce as a new business model has achieved great development and progress which greatly changed the way people live and work, at the same time it gives a rise to the unlimited business opportunities. C2C is one kind of the e-commerce transactions, Internet service providers that use of computer and network technology, used to provide paid or unpaid. E-commerce platform allows two parties (mainly for individual users) in its platform to bid independently, bargaining-based online trading patterns. In recent years, China's C2C market in a rapid growth phase, this model has become the holder of a large number of small venture capital approach. However, due to the virtual nature of online transactions, buyers and sellers transaction process is often non-face environment in, on product quality, price and service and other aspects of information entirely on the buyer's estimate. Therefore, C2C e-commerce system model is a clear system of information asymmetry, the potential risk is enormous. Asymmetric information in this trading environment, to ensure smooth transactions and reduce risk, the two sides of the credit problem is particularly prominent. Meanwhile, in the current transaction before the transaction, the risk prediction and assessment has become very important. Currently, e-commerce e-commerce credit risk has become a constraint to further development of the main obstacles.

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