Andriy Fesenko

Work place: Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01033



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Dr. Andriy Fesenko is the specialist of cyber security. Andriy is working as associate professor at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv on the faculty of information technologies. His main interests are cyber security and cryptography.

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Novel Certification Method for Quantum Random Number Generators

By Maksim Iavich Tamari Kuchukhidze Sergiy Gnatyuk Andriy Fesenko

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Jun. 2021

Random numbers have many uses, but finding true randomness is incredibly difficult. Therefore, quantum mechanics is used, using the essentially unpredictable behavior of a photon, to generate truly random numbers that form the basis of many modern cryptographic protocols. It is essential to trust cryptographic random number generators to generate only true random numbers. This is why certification methods are needed which will check both the performance of our device and the quality of the random bits generated. Self-testing as well as device independent quantum random number generation methods are analyzed in the paper. The advantages and disadvantages of both methods are identified. The model of a novel semi self-testing certification method for quantum random number generators is offered in the paper. This method combines different types of certification approaches and is rather secure and efficient. The method is very important for computer science, because it combines the best features from self-testing and device independent methods. It can be used, when the random numbers’ entropy depends on the device and when it does not. In the related researches, these approaches are offered to be used separately, depending on the random number generator. The offered novel certification technology can be properly used, when the device is compromised or spoiled. The technology can successfully detect unintended irregularities, operational problems, abnormalities and problems in the randomization process. The offered mythology assists to eliminate problems related to physical devices. The offered system has the higher certification randomness security and is faster than self-testing approaches. The method is rather efficient because it implements the different certification approaches in the parallel threads. The offered techniques make the offered research must more efficient than the other existing approaches. The corresponding programming simulation is implemented by means of the simulation techniques.

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