Anatolii Taranenko

Work place: FAET/NAU/ Ljubomyra Guzara,1, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03058



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Anatolii TARANENKO, Candidate of Science (PhD)

Date and place of birth: 1956, Kiev, Ukraine.

Education: Kiev Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers (National Aviation University since 2000), 1979.

Affiliation and functions: PhD in technical sciences since 1989, associate professor of Telecommunications and radio-electronic systems Department of National aviation university since 1993.

Research interests: telecommunications systems, diagnostics of radio systems.

Publications: more than 60 papers.

Author Articles
Modeling of the –°ellular –°ommunication System Coverage Area Taking into Account the External Details of the Terrain

By Yevhen Gabrousenko Anatolii Taranenko Felix Yanovsky Serhii Zavhorodnii

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Aug. 2021

This paper proposes a new approach to estimating the contour of the coverage zone for a cellular communications base station that takes into account meaningful reflecting objects located out of the considering zone. Based on this approach, the procedure for modeling and designing the cellular system coverage area. Unlike known methods, the developed procedure considers the influence of electromagnetic wave reflection from external details of the relief, in particular essential reflecting objects located outside the considered cell. The effect of the external objects on the formation of the coverage area resulting contour is considered analytically, numerically and experimentally. The proposed solution leads to more accurate designing of the coverage area for each cell. This creates the opportunity for further development of designing techniques to more effective engineering solutions at developing and applying cellular communication systems in real situations and at various scenarios.

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