Mariia Zirka

Work place: Central Research Institute of Armament and Military Equipment of Armed Forces of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine


Website: http://orcid.orl/0000-0003-2915-3011

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Mariia Zirka

PhD, Researcher of Research Department of the Central Research  Institute of Armament and Military Equipment of Armed Forces of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine.



phone: +380688874309

Author Articles
The Mathematical Model for Research of the UAV Longitudinal Moving

By Sergii Zhdanov Natalia Kadet Valerii Silkov Mariia Zirka Olexander Rasstrygin Andrii Zirka

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Oct. 2021

The paper presents one of the perspective directions of the development to modern aviation, which is connected with designing and producing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) of various functionalities for applying in both military and civilian spheres. The syntheses of UAV control systems, regardless of their type and purpose presumes creation of adequate mathematical models, first of all adequate aerodynamic mathematical models. In the paper results that forms and justify the aerodynamic mathematical model and as well as the results of building a general mathematical model of the longitudinal movement of the perspective UAV are presented. Also factors that forms the mathematical model on given aerodynamic, geometric, mass and inertial data for a hypothetical perspective altitude long-range UAV are submitted. Assessment of the impact of these data on the dynamic, temporal, and logarithmic frequency response UAV also has been given in this paper.

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