Indira Bhardwaj

Work place: Vivekananda School of Business Studies, VIPS, New Delhi



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Indira Bhardwaj is currently working as a Dean at Vivekananda School of Business Studies. She has more than 20 years of teaching experience across institutions in India. Her PhD is from AMU in Understanding Corporate Value Using Intellectual Capital Assets. Her research interests include Corporate Valuation and Corporate Finance. She has been Research Associate at IIM Indore and has worked as Knowledge Manager with Forbes EduMetry, providing consultancy for AACSB accreditation to business schools in US and SE Asia. Her other areas of interest include sustainable management and sustainability reporting.

Author Articles
Artificial Intelligence in Collaborative Information System

By Monika Arora Indira Bhardwaj

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Feb. 2022

All organizations have a collaborative information system, which is a shared system between employees and teams in the organisation. All such information systems in organizations need to be flawlessly secure. Securing information systems through the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Blockchain is one of the latest trends in information sciences. This paper tries to explore them in detail through data on user’s login time and time spent on the websites along with user actions. The objective is to develop a model that will be used for authentication of the user. This will allow early detection of frauds so that preventive and remedial actions like blocking access to the user can be initiated well in advance. The dataset used to develop this model is the user log data and technique of logistic regression is used to create the regression model for authentication of the user. Logistic regression-based classification is used on the attributes taken to record and analyze entries recorded on the system leading to identification of a cluster based on normal and suspicious users. The accuracy of logistic regression has been analyzed and implemented to secure the collaborative system. This study will help the researcher to implement the AI in the system. It also discusses its future prospects and the disruptive changes in implementation of Information Systems. Finally, the research considers combining blockchain (BC) and deep learning (DL) with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and discusses the revolutionary changes that would result by rapidly advancing the AI field.

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