Nur Kumala Dewi

Work place: STMIK Muhammadiyah Jakarta, Indonesia



Research Interests: Computer Science & Information Technology


Nur Kumala Dewi born in Jombang December 20, 1980. Is the first daughter of two children of Mr. H. Achmad Karim Sueb and Mrs. Hj. Masbenul Karimah. Completing education at Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Educational Foundation (MI YASPIN), Junior High School of the Indonesian Education Foundation (SMP YANINDO) North Jakarta, SMUN 40 North Jakarta. In 2003 completed his undergraduate study (S1) at the Faculty of Computer Science, Universitas Pembangunan Nasional 'Veteran' Jakarta. In 2008, Graduated with Masters in Education Management at the State University of Jakarta (UNJ) and in 2014 completed the Doctor of Education Management Study Program at UNJ. Recorded from 1997 to 2007 as a Teacher in the Field of English Studies at YANINDO Junior High School, YANINDO Senior High School (SMEA), Madrasah Aliyah Al Jihad. Lecturer in English and Research Methodology at STMIK Muhammadiyah Jakarta. Owner of Warung Bebek Volker H. Sueb Restaurant since 1987 in North Jakarta, Commissioner of PT. Boilerindo Karya Perkasa Jakarta and Civil Servants (PNS) at the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia as Head of the Islamic Religious Broadcast Section of the Directorate of Information on Islamic Religion, Directorate General of Islamic Community Guidance (Ditjen Bimas Islam). Married to Agus Mandori, ST., MM President Director of PT. Boilerindo Karya Perkasa Jakarta and blessed with one daughter and three sons, namely: Putri Balqiest Mandori is 15 years old, an eleventh grade student (XI) at MAN 3 Tambak Beras Jombang, East Java, Salman Alfarisy Mandori is a 10 year old fourth grade student (IV) in SDIT Al Amanah, Achmad Al Gazhali Mandori is 5 years old and Achmad Alfatih Mandori is 3 years old

Author Articles
Application of Greedy Algorithm on Traffic Violation Enforcement

By Nur Kumala Dewi Arman Syah Putra

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Feb. 2021

The background of this research is how the application of the algorithm in traffic control systems, with the Greedy algorithm, the system will decide what action and what punishment will be given to traffic offenders on the highway, with the Greedy algorithm, the decisions taken will be based on data and facts. based on existing laws, so decisions made based on law and the human side cannot influence the decisions to be taken by the system based on the application of the Greedy algorithm. The research method used in this study uses literature reviews by reading many previous research journals, it will be able to add knowledge and deepen the research we are doing this time, with the literature review method, we will be able to find new problems and can be used as new research because The literature review is very helpful for our research this time. The system that is being used is using CCTV and can determine what decisions and punishments will be given to traffic offenders, through evidence based on images taken by cameras placed at red lights or corners of the capital's highway, the system this has been active effectively but with the implementation of the algorithm will increase. This research will produce a system proposal and be able to find out whether the application of the Greedy algorithm is correct and can help the current system by implementing the algorithm, so the existing system is more perfect. The main contribution of this research is that the use of the Greedy algorithm can help control the traffic system to enforce the law. 

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Review of Vehicle Surveillance Using Iot in the Smart Transportation Concept

By Nur Kumala Dewi

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Feb. 2021

The background of this research raises the problem of the development of smart transportation in terms of monitoring and enforcement of traffic on the highway, with the proposed system that will help many parties such as the police and the government. The system that is running is to develop a system using CCTV that is placed on every corner of the capital city to replace the police in carrying out road surveillance and law enforcement against lawbreakers, especially in the traffic sector. The method used in this research is by using literature review of many previous research journals, by reading many journals will be able to add knowledge and can deepen ongoing research. The problem raised in this research is finding solutions to problems in the transportation sector, especially smart transportation, using smart transportation will be able to connect all systems that have been made. This research produces a system proposal that can be used in further research and can be applied in terms of the development of smart cities, especially smart transportation.

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