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Push Management Platform Based on Wechat Small Program and Cloud Development

By Yan Wu Fang Wang Yanying Zou Huaijin Zhang Bingsheng Chen Mengshan Li

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Feb. 2020

On the Wechat platform, the current article push is mainly completed by the Wechat Public Account, but it is not perfect in the aspects of user information collection, user service, data storage and management. With economic development and progress of the times, people seek development in spiritual and cultural aspects. This program "One Thing One Story" uses Wechat Web Developer Tools as the medium and Wechat Small Program and Cloud Development as the platform. The purpose of push management platform is "use at any time". Small program cloud development has a relatively complete cloud background. It does not need to rebuild the server in the development cycle. Through the relevant interface, small program development can be started and time cost can be reduced. Using JavaScript, CSS style, JSON database and other technologies, we can realize user data collection, article push, push classification management, push data storage, user praise collection and other functions. This program is applied to article pushing, cultural dissemination and other aspects. Through the platform of Wechat applet, the dream of "accessible" can be realized. 

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