Murat Demirekin

Work place: Private Academy BLC English Course, Konya, 42200, Turkey



Research Interests: Natural Language Processing


Dr. Murat Demirekin- (Turkey, Konya)- (PhD at Hacettepe University, Department of Language Education in Turkey). He conducts research in the field of language acquisition and language teaching. He has translated many books. He organizes trainers training courses. He has acted as an executive in national and international projects on language acquisition.

Author Articles
Training Program Supporting Language Acquisition

By Hatice Yalcin Murat Demirekin

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Jun. 2021

This study was conducted to evaluate the effects of a parenting training program that supports language acquisition in early childhood. To reveal such an effect, an experimental research design including pre-test-post-test and retention test was applied respectively. Experimental and control groups were formed with the parents of 4-6 years old children attending pre-school education institutions. To assess the language development levels of the children, Peabody Picture-Vocabulary Test (PPVT) was applied during the pre-test phase; after the parental training, a post-test was applied; and a year later, a retention test was implemented alternately. Parents in the experimental group evaluated the program after the Parental Support Program (PSP). The personal characteristics of the study group and the opinions of the parents evaluating the training have been shown by using the frequency and percentages. Whether PPVT and PSP scores differ according to socio-demographic variables was analyzed by t-tests. In the end, there was a significant increase in the results of the post-test and retention test performed after parent training that supports language acquisition. This increase has been found to be significantly higher than the PPVT scores of children in the control group. Thus, we have determined that the parents have a positive attitude towards the training program. The results of the study also reveal that parenting training that supports children's language acquisition has a positive effect on children's language development.

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