Mahaboob Sharief Shaik

Work place: JJT university,Rajasthan India



Research Interests: Image Compression, Image Manipulation, Information Security, Network Security, Image Processing, Information Storage Systems, Information-Theoretic Security


Mahaboob Sharief Shaik has completed master’s degree in computer applications in the year 1998 and presently, is a research scholar at JJT University, worked as lecturer at faculty of computing & information technology, King abdulaziz university, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. His area of interest is network/information security, image processing and database.

Author Articles
A Comprehensive Mechanism of MANET Network Layer Based Security Attack Prevention

By Mahaboob Sharief Shaik Fahad Mira

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Feb. 2020

The infrastructure benefits, which are achieved from the MANET architecture is the prime reason for the increase in usage for various purposes. The MANET architecture is made truly seamless with the capabilities of working without the central base stations or without the intervention of the central administration. The architecture for a MANET network is highly diversified and completely depends on the formation as the nodes in the MANET network can roam freely with a subsequent connection to any external device or any external networks. Yet another primary benefit of these devices and the networks are operability of the networks and the nodes without any human interventions. This property of the MANET network nodes makes the MANET devices operable in extreme conditions, where the human interventions are nearly impossible. In spite of these uncountable benefits, the MANET networks and the devices, which are part of the networkare always subjected to attacks from various sources. In this work, the attacks types for each network layer are identified and addressed to be prevented. The measures listed in this work are convertible as a modular component of any automated framework to make the complete attack prevention mechanism automated

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