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IJCNIS Vol.7, No.3, Feb. 2015

Multipath Data Transmission with minimization of Congestion Using Ant Colony Optimization for MTSP and Total Queue Length

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Dhriti Sundar Maity, Subhrananda Goswami

Index Terms

Ad hoc Network;Ant colony;Swarm Behavior;MTSP;ACO for MTSP;Transmission Queue Length


This paper represents The Ant Colony Optimization for MTSP and Swarm Inspired Multipath Data Transmission with Congestion Control in MANET using Total Queue Length based on the behavioral nature in the biological ants. We consider the problem of congestion control for multicast traffic in wireless networks. MANET is multi hop wireless network in which the network components such as PC, mobile phones are mobile in nature. The components can communicate with each other without going through its server. One kind of agent (salesman) is engaged in routing. One is Routing agent (salesman), who collects the information about network congestion as well as link failure and same is message agent (salesman) that uses this information to get his destination nodes. Though a number of routing protocols exists, which aim to provide effecting routing but few provide a plausible solution to overall network congestion. We attempt to explore the property of the pheromone deposition by the real ant for MTSP. The proposed algorithm using path pheromone scents constantly updates the goodness of choosing a particular path and measuring the congestion in the network using total queue length and Hop-distance.

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Dhriti Sundar Maity, Subhrananda Goswami,"Multipath Data Transmission with minimization of Congestion Using Ant Colony Optimization for MTSP and Total Queue Length", IJCNIS, vol.7, no.3, pp.26-34, 2015.DOI: 10.5815/ijcnis.2015.03.04


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