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IJCNIS Vol.7, No.12, Nov. 2015

Quality Evaluation of Mobile Networks Using VoIP Applications: A Case Study with Skype and LINE based-on Stationary Tests in Bangkok

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Pongpisit Wuttidittachotti, Therdpong Daengsi

Index Terms

Mean Opinion Score;Voice over IP;3G mobile networks;Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality;Skype;LINE


This paper presents the performance evaluation of 3G mobile networks for one kind of multimedia application called Voice over IP (VoIP) within Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, using Line and Skype, two popular VoIP applications. This study used evaluation of voice quality provided by both applications. The tests have been conducted using stationary scenarios over 5 major 3G mobile networks, served by 5 operators, within 14 universities in the inner city of Bangkok in order to gather data of degraded speech files. Then, the data was measured using Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality (PESQ) to find Mean Opinion Score (MOS) before analyzing with ANOVA and T-test, which are statistical tools, so that the discussion and conclusion can be eventually derived.

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Pongpisit Wuttidittachotti, Therdpong Daengsi,"Quality Evaluation of Mobile Networks Using VoIP Applications: A Case Study with Skype and LINE based-on Stationary Tests in Bangkok", IJCNIS, vol.7, no.12, pp.28-41, 2015.DOI: 10.5815/ijcnis.2015.12.04


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