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IJCNIS Vol.3, No.2, Mar. 2011

Semi-Distributed Coordinative Switch Beamforming with Power Scheduling

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Ying Liu, Fangjiong Chen, Fei Ji,Xiaodong Chen,Shangkun Xiong

Index Terms

Cellular System; Cooperative Beam Scheduling; Constrained Optimization


Beam cooperative scheduling of a downlink transmission is an important technique to improve the spectrum efficiency in next generation mobile networks. This paper focuses on switched beams (the emission angles of the beams are fixed) and proposes a joint beam-power coordinative scheduling algorithm among neighbor sectors in the downlink of mobile systems. Each sector coordinates the applied order and transmitted power of the beams with adjacent interfering sector, so as to reduce inter-sector interference and maximize throughputs. The scheduling problem is modeled as a constrained optimization problem and solved by our proposed iterative approach. Computer simulation shows that the proposed approach significantly outperform the existing round robin beam servicing approach and the approach that applies only beam cooperative scheduling.

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Ying Liu,Fangjiong Chen,Fei Ji,Xiaodong Chen,Shangkun Xiong,"Semi-Distributed Coordinative Switch Beamforming with Power Scheduling", IJCNIS, vol.3, no.2, pp.12-18, 2011.


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