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IJCNIS Vol.3, No.2, Mar. 2011

Transaction-based QoS management in a Hybrid Wireless Superstore Environment

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Shankaraiah,Pallapa Venkataram

Index Terms

Hybrid Wireless Network, Superstore, Policy-based Management, Policy Engine, QoS


Hybrid wireless networks are extensively used in the superstores, market places, malls, etc. and provide high QoS (Quality of Service) to the end-users has become a challenging task. In this paper, we propose a policy-based transaction-aware QoS management architecture in a hybrid wireless superstore environment. The proposed scheme operates at the transaction level, for the downlink QoS management. We derive a policy for the estimation of QoS parameters, like, delay, jitter, bandwidth, availability, packet loss for every transaction before scheduling on the downlink. We also propose a QoS monitor which monitors the specified QoS and automatically adjusts the QoS according to the requirement. The proposed scheme has been simulated in hybrid wireless superstore environment and tested for various superstore transactions. The results shows that the policy-based transaction QoS management is enhance the performance and utilize network resources efficiently at the peak time of the superstore business.

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Shankaraiah,Pallapa Venkataram,"Transaction-based QoS management in a Hybrid Wireless Superstore Environment", IJCNIS, vol.3, no.2, pp.1-11, 2011.


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