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IJWMT Vol.10, No.6, Dec. 2020

Virobot the Artificial Assistant Nurse for Health Monitoring, Telemedicine and Sterilization through the Internet

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Punith Kumar M B, D Manikant Amaresh Savadatti

Index Terms

Assistant Medical robot, Autonomous robot, Blynk robot, Communication robot, Health monitor robot, Internet robot, IOT robot, Line follower, UV sterilizing robot, Wi-Fi controlled robot.


We all know that during pandemic like corona or generally in hospitals, the front-line workers such as doctors, nurses, compounder in hospitals are nearest to the patients. They all need to look after the patients without caring about themselves and hence doctors, nurses, workers have a high chance of getting contacted to the disease. And few of the medical personnel fearing for the disease and their health, they are not ready to work in the hospital. Hence to tackle this problem we have come up with a solution i.e., Virobot- The artificial nurse. The result of this project is a robot that is designed to act as a medical assistant robot which can be controlled by nurses or doctors from a distance using their smart phone or it can just use autonomous navigation to reach the patients and give them required medicines, monitor patients health and stream all the patient information wirelessly through the internet to your palm(mobile). And, it has built-in UV sterilizer lights, which sterilizes the hospital wherever it travels. Not only it can carry lightweight packages and sterilize the hospital, It can be used as a telecommunication robot ad establish communication between doctor and patient since it is a built-in FPV camera and a Bluetooth speaker. The best thing is all these features are connected to the internet hence the doctor can get data from the robot from anywhere around the world.

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Punith Kumar M B, D Manikant Amaresh Savadatti, " Virobot the Artificial Assistant Nurse for Health Monitoring, Telemedicine and Sterilization through the Internet", International Journal of Wireless and Microwave Technologies(IJWMT), Vol.10, No.6, pp. 16-26, 2020.DOI: 10.5815/ijwmt.2020.06.03


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