Web-enabled Simulated and Remote Control Virtual Laboratory of Transducer

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Vaibhav Gautam 1,* Roop Pahuja 1

1. National Institute of Technology Jalandhar, 144011, India

* Corresponding author.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5815/ijmecs.2015.04.02

Received: 19 Jan. 2015 / Revised: 14 Feb. 2015 / Accepted: 1 Mar. 2015 / Published: 8 Apr. 2015

Index Terms

E-learning, Modeling and simulation Remote Labs, Transducer Labs, Virtualization of experiments, Virtual Labs


In the era of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), virtual laboratories in the field of engineering and sciences have gained popularity, as a smart way of imparting practical and theoretical education. This paper discusses the realization of web-enabled simulated and remote control virtual laboratory of transducer based on one of the modular transducer kit/trainer commonly used in conducting experiments in Instrumentation and Control Engineering curriculum or related fields. Using component-based modeling methods, apparatus/devices used in a particular transducer experiment been have accurately modeled and assembled virtually. The virtual experiment panel mimics the functionality and physical appearance of the actual experimental set up. It provides various options to study and simulate the experiment by varying the input signal or device parameters. The remote control lab facility is also provided that enables the user to remotely perform the experiment on the kit. The experiment is interfaced to PC using suitable data acquisition system. Interactive virtual panel with web-cam connectivity is implemented and published on the web. It allows the user to control the set up and perform the experiment interactively; acquire and analyze real-time data and capture online view of the physical experimental setup remotely. The outcome of this work is the virtualization of transducer based experiments and development of integrated educational tool with high level of pedagogical effectiveness and technical support.

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Vaibhav Gautam, Roop Pahuja, "Web-enabled Simulated and Remote Control Virtual Laboratory of Transducer", International Journal of Modern Education and Computer Science (IJMECS), vol.7, no.4, pp.12-22, 2015. DOI:10.5815/ijmecs.2015.04.02


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