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IJITCS Vol.8, No.7, Jul. 2016

Pre-Recommendation Clustering and Review Based Approach for Collaborative Filtering Based Movie Recommendation

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Saudagar L. Jadhav, Manisha P. Mali

Index Terms

Recommendation Systems;Collaborative Filtering;Clustering, Accuracy;Review


The recommendation is playing an essential part in our lives. Precise recommendations facilitate users to swiftly locate desirable items without being inundated by irrelevant information. In the last few years, the amount of customers, products and online information has raised speedily and results out into the huge data analysis problem for recommender systems. While handling and evaluating such large-scale data, usual service recommender systems regularly undergo scalability and inefficiency problems. Nowadays, in multimedia platform such as movie, music, games, the use of Recommender System is increased. Collaborative Filtering is a dominant filtering technique used by many RSs. CF utilizes the rating history of the user to find out "like minded" users and this set of like-minded user is then used to recommend the movies which are liked by these like-minded users but did not watch by the active user. Thus, in CF, to find out the "neighborhood" the rating history of a user is used, but the reason behind the rating is not considered at all. This will lead to inaccuracy in finding a neighborhood set and subsequently in recommendation also. To cope with these scalability and accuracy challenges, this paper proposes an innovative solution, Clustering and Review based Approach for Collaborative Filtering based Recommendation. This innovative approach is enacted with the two stages; in the first stage the clustering of the available movies for recommendation is clustered into the subclasses for further computation. In the succeeding stage, the methodology based on reviews is utilized for finding neighborhood set in User Based Collaborative Filtering.

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Saudagar L. Jadhav, Manisha P. Mali,"Pre-Recommendation Clustering and Review Based Approach for Collaborative Filtering Based Movie Recommendation", International Journal of Information Technology and Computer Science(IJITCS), Vol.8, No.7, pp.72-80, 2016. DOI: 10.5815/ijitcs.2016.07.10


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