Aims and Scope

IJITCS is committed to bridge the theory and practice of information technology and computer science. From innovative ideas to specific algorithms and full system implementations, IJITCS publishes original, peer-reviewed, and high quality articles in the areas of information technology and computer science. IJITCS is a well-indexed scholarly journal and is indispensable reading and references for people working at the cutting edge of information technology and computer science applications.

IJITCS publishes 6 issues per year since 2020. Published papers will be available on line (free access) and in printed version. The authors are encouraged to submit papers related, but not limited, to the following topics of interest:

    Web Technology
    Information Management System

    E-Learning and e-Teaching
    Agents for Internet Computing
    Distributed and Collaborative Computing
    Systems Engineering Methodologies
    Modelling Formalisms, Languages, and Notations
    Geographical Information Systems
    Man-Machine Interaction
    Intelligent Information Systems
    Coordination in Multi-Agent Systems
    Agent Oriented Modelling and Development
    Modeling and Simulation Techniques
    Business intelligence
    Banking governance and information systems
    Management of Supply Chain and Logistics
    Customer Relationship Management
    Audit and information systems
    Decision Support Systems
    Optimization and Decision Making
    Knowledge Discovery and Management
    Information Technology

    Data Mining
    Pattern Recognition
    Speech and Audio Processing
    Network Security and Communications
    Software Engineering