Biometric Verification, Security Concerns and Related Issues - A Comprehensive Study

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Sheela Shankar 1,* V.R Udupi 2 Rahul Dasharath Gavas 3

1. Department of Electronics & Communication Engg, KLE Dr. M. S. Sheshgiri CET, Belgaum, India

2. Department of Electronics and Communication Engg, Gogte Institute of Technology, Belgaum, India

3. Department of Computer Science and Engineering, KLE Dr. M.S. Sheshgiri CET, Belgaum, India

* Corresponding author.


Received: 17 Jun. 2015 / Revised: 3 Oct. 2015 / Accepted: 11 Dec. 2015 / Published: 8 Apr. 2016

Index Terms

Authentication, Biometric Systems, Biometric Techniques, Security


There has been many attempts to make authentication processes more robust. Biometric techniques are one among them. Biometrics is unique to an individual and hence their usage can overcome most of the issues in conventional authentication process. This paper makes a scrutinizing study of the existing biometric techniques, their usage and limitations pertaining to their deployment in real time cases. It also deals with the motivation behind adapting biometrics in present day scenarios. The paper also makes an attempt to throw light on the technical and security related issues pertaining to biometric systems.

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Sheela Shankar, V.R Udupi, Rahul Dasharath Gavas, "Biometric Verification, Security Concerns and Related Issues - A Comprehensive Study", International Journal of Information Technology and Computer Science(IJITCS), Vol.8, No.4, pp.42-51, 2016. DOI:10.5815/ijitcs.2016.04.06


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