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IJITCS Vol.7, No.4, Mar. 2015

AQUAZONE: A Spatial Decision Support System for Aquatic Zone Management

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Sekhri A. Arezki, Hamdadou B. Djamila, Beldjilali C. Bouziane

Index Terms

Fuzzy C-Means, Multi Spectral Image, SDSS, Watershed


During the last years, the Sebkha Lake of Oran (Algeria) has been the subject of many studies for its protection and recovery. Many environmental and wetlands experts are a hope on the integration of this rich and fragile space, ecologically, as a pilot project in "management of water tides". Support the large of Sebkha (Lake) of Oran is a major concern for governments looking to make this a protected natural area and viable place. It was a question of putting in place a management policy to respond to the requirements of economic, agricultural and urban development and the preservation of this natural site through management of its water and the preservation of its quality.
The objective of this study is to design and develop a Spatial Decision Support System, namely AQUAZONE, able to assist decision makers in various natural resource management projects. The proposed system integrates remote sensing image processing methods, from display operations, to analysis results, in order to extract useful knowledge to best natural resource management, and in particular define the extension of Sebkha Lake of Oran (Algeria).
Two methods were applied to classify LANDSAT 5 TM images of Oran (Algeria): Fuzzy C-Means (FCM) applied on multi spectral images, and the other that comes with the manual which is the Ordered Queue-based Watershed (OQW). The FCM will serve as initialization phase, to automatically discover the different classes (urban, forest, water, etc..) from a LANDSAT 5 TM images, and also minimize ambiguity in grayscale and establish Land cover map of this region.

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Sekhri A. Arezki, Hamdadou B. Djamila, Beldjilali C. Bouziane,"AQUAZONE: A Spatial Decision Support System for Aquatic Zone Management", International Journal of Information Technology and Computer Science(IJITCS), vol.7, no.4, pp.1-13, 2015. DOI: 10.5815/ijitcs.2015.04.01


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