Calculation of Overvoltage and Estimation of Power Transformer’s Behavior When Activating the Reactors

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Slobodan Bjelic 1,* Zorica Bogicevic 2

1. Faculty of Technical Sciences, Kosovska Mitrovica, Serbia

2. Advanced Polytechnic School of Professional Sciences, Zvecan, Serbia

* Corresponding author.


Received: 25 Jan. 2014 / Revised: 12 May 2014 / Accepted: 6 Jul. 2014 / Published: 8 Nov. 2014

Index Terms

Algorithm, Calculation, Estimation, Over Voltage, Transformer, Inductive Load


The document illustrates the methods and algorithms for calculation of overvoltage at the power transformer excerpts during the activation of inductive consumer to secondary transformer. Characteristic stages are activation of the primary phase and followed by two other phases. The new specific condition occurs during the activation of each phase which is presented by alternative electric circuit and simplified equivalent scheme that is used to calculate the values and evaluate overvoltage. For selected parameters of the transformer and inductive loads, the simulation is performed with chosen MATLAB software package.

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Slobodan Bjelić, Zorica Bogićević, "Calculation of Overvoltage and Estimation of Power Transformer’s Behavior When Activating the Reactors", International Journal of Information Technology and Computer Science(IJITCS), vol.6, no.12, pp.67-73, 2014. DOI:10.5815/ijitcs.2014.12.09


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