Consistency of UML Design

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Iryna Zaretska 1,* Oleksandra Kulankhina 2 Hlib Mykhailenko 3 Tamara Butenko 1

1. V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Kharkiv, 61000, Ukraine

2. Wall Street Systems Software Company, Valbonne, 06560, France

3. ActiveEon Software Company, Valbonne, 06560, France

* Corresponding author.


Received: 11 Nov. 2017 / Revised: 10 May 2018 / Accepted: 3 Aug. 2018 / Published: 8 Sep. 2018

Index Terms

Software design, object-oriented ap-proach, UML, design model, verification


The paper presents a method and tools for consistency checking in UML design of an object-oriented software system. The proposed method uses graph representation of UML diagrams and first-order predicate logic to specify consistency rules mostly on the cross-diagram level. Classification of consistency rules is presented. Two approaches to implementation of con-sistency checking are discussed and compared.

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Iryna Zaretska, Oleksandra Kulankhina, Hlib Mykhailenko, Tamara Butenko, "Consistency of UML Design", International Journal of Information Technology and Computer Science(IJITCS), Vol.10, No.9, pp.47-56, 2018. DOI:10.5815/ijitcs.2018.09.06


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