Optimization of Parameters at SDN Technologie Networks

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Oleg Barabash 1,* Yuri Kravchenko 2 Vadym Mukhin 3 Yaroslav Kornaga 3 Olga Leshchenko 2

1. State University of Telecommunications, Solomenskaya Street, 7, 03680, Kiev, Ukraine

2. Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev, Volodymyrska Street, 64/13, 01601, Kiev, Ukraine

3. National Technical University of Ukraine “Kiev Polytechnic Institute”, Pr. Pobedy, 37, 03056, Kiev, Ukraine

* Corresponding author.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5815/ijisa.2017.09.01

Received: 30 Mar. 2017 / Revised: 1 May 2017 / Accepted: 15 May 2017 / Published: 8 Sep. 2017

Index Terms

Software-defined network, optimization, catastrophe theory


A concept software-defined network is considered. Architecture of software-defined network is analyzed which, differently from traditional, foresee the separation of C-plane from a plane communication of data. The method of multicriterion optimization of multilevel networks is examined with determination of resulting objective function, which allows to carry out the synthesis of control system software-defined network (SDN) in the conditions of unforeseen changes of structure of the system.

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Oleg Barabash, Yuri Kravchenko, Vadym Mukhin, Yaroslav Kornaga, Olga Leshchenko, "Optimization of Parameters at SDN Technologie Networks", International Journal of Intelligent Systems and Applications(IJISA), Vol.9, No.9, pp.1-9, 2017. DOI:10.5815/ijisa.2017.09.01


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