Distributed Computer System Resources Control Mechanism Based on Network-Centric Approach

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Zhengbing Hu 1,* Vadym Mukhin 2 Yaroslav Kornaga 2 Yaroslav Lavrenko 2 Oksana Herasymenko 3

1. School of Educational Information Technology, Central China Normal University, No. 152 Louyu Road, 430079, Wuhan, China

2. National Technical University of Ukraine “Kiev Polytechnic Institute”, Pr. Pobedy, 37, 03056, Kiev, Ukraine

3. Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev, Volodymyrska Street, 64/13, 01601, Kiev, Ukraine

* Corresponding author.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5815/ijisa.2017.07.05

Received: 18 Nov. 2016 / Revised: 20 Feb. 2017 / Accepted: 23 Apr. 2017 / Published: 8 Jul. 2017

Index Terms

Distributed computer system, resource control system, decentralized resource control, tasks scheduling, network-centric approach


In this paper, we present the development of a decentralized mechanism for the resources control in a distributed computer system based on a network-centric approach. Intially, the network-centric approach was proposed for the military purposes, and now its principles are successfully introduced in the other applications of the complex systems control. Due to the features of control systems based on the network-centric approach, namely adding the horizontal links between components of the same level, adding the general knowledge control in the system, etc., there are new properties and characteristics. The concept of implementing of resource control module for a distributed computer system based on a network-centric approach is proposed in this study. We, basing on this concept, realized the resource control module and perform the analysis of its operation parameters in compare with resource control modules implemented on the hierarchical approach and on the decentralized approach with the creation of the communities of the computing resources. The experiments showed the advantages of the proposed mechanism for resources control in compare with the control mechanisms based on the hierarchical and decentralized approaches.

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Zhengbing Hu, Vadym Mukhin, Yaroslav Kornaga, Yaroslav Lavrenko, Oksana Herasymenko,"Distributed Computer System Resources Control Mechanism Based on Network-Centric Approach", International Journal of Intelligent Systems and Applications(IJISA), Vol.9, No.7, pp.41-51, 2017. DOI:10.5815/ijisa.2017.07.05


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