Improved Harmony Search with Chaos for Solving Linear Assignment Problems

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Osama Abdel-Raouf 1,* Mohamed Abdel-Baset 2 Ibrahim El-henawy 3

1. Department of Operations Research, Faculty of Computers and Information, Menoufia University, Menoufia, ShebinEl-come, Egypt

2. Department of Operations Research, Faculty of Computers and Informatics, Zagazig University, El-ZeraSquare, Zagazig, Sharqiyah, Egypt

3. Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Computers and Informatics, Zagazig University, El-ZeraSquare, Zagazig, Sharqiyah, Egypt

* Corresponding author.


Received: 11 Jun. 2013 / Revised: 7 Oct. 2013 / Accepted: 25 Dec. 2013 / Published: 8 Apr. 2014

Index Terms

Harmony Search Algorithm, Meta-Heuristics, Optimization, Assignment Problem, Chaos, Evolutionary Algorithms


This paper presents an improved version of a harmony meta-heuristic algorithm, (IHSCH), for solving the linear assignment problem. The proposed algorithm uses chaotic behavior to generation a candidate solution in a behavior similar to acoustic monophony. Numerical results show that the IHSCH is able to obtain the optimal results in comparison with traditional methods (the Hungarian method). However, the benefit of the proposed algorithm is its ability to obtain the optimal solution within less computation in comparison with the Hungarian method.

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Osama Abdel-Raouf, Mohamed Abdel-Baset, Ibrahim El-henawy, "Improved Harmony Search with Chaos for Solving Linear Assignment Problems", International Journal of Intelligent Systems and Applications(IJISA), vol.6, no.5, pp.55-61, 2014. DOI:10.5815/ijisa.2014.05.05


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