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IJIGSP Vol.5, No.6, May. 2013

Feature Based Image Mosaic Using Steerable Filters and Harris Corner Detector

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Mahesh,Subramanyam M .V

Index Terms

Mosaic image, RANSAC (Random Sampling Consensus), Image stitching, Steerable filters, Harris, KLT (Kanade-Lucas-Tomasi), FAST (Features from Accelerated Segment Test)


Image mosaic is to be combine several views of a scene in to single wide angle view. This paper proposes the feature based image mosaic approach. The mosaic image system includes feature point detection, feature point descriptor extraction and matching. A RANSAC algorithm is applied to eliminate number of mismatches and obtain transformation matrix between the images. The input image is transformed with the correct mapping model for image stitching and same is estimated. In this paper, feature points are detected using steerable filters and Harris, and compared with traditional Harris, KLT, and FAST corner detectors.

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Mahesh,Subramanyam M .V,"Feature Based Image Mosaic Using Steerable Filters and Harris Corner Detector", IJIGSP, vol.5, no.6, pp.9-15, 2013.DOI: 10.5815/ijigsp.2013.06.02


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