Minutiae Distances and Orientation Fields Based Thumbprint Identification of Identical Twins

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Kamta Nath Mishra 1,* P. C. Srivastava 2 Anupam Agrawal 3 Vivek Tripathi 4 Rishu Garg 1

1. Department of CS & E, Birla Institute of Technology Mesra, Ranchi (Allahabad Campus), INDIA

2. Department of CS & E, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra Ranchi (Allahabad Campus), INDIA

3. Department of Information Technology, Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad, INDIA

4. India Pvt. Ltd., Bangaluru, INDIA

* Corresponding author.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5815/ijigsp.2013.02.08

Received: 15 Nov. 2012 / Revised: 28 Dec. 2012 / Accepted: 8 Jan. 2013 / Published: 8 Feb. 2013

Index Terms

Fingerprint Patterns, Fraternal Twins, Identical Twins, Minutiae Distances, Minutiae Orientation Fields


The twins are classified into two categories namely fraternal and identical twins. Fraternal twins differ in face structures and DNA sequences but, identical twins have the same face structure and share same DNA sequence. Therefore, it is difficult to identify identical twins on the basis of their faces and DNA sequences. In this research paper, we have introduced a new approach for identifying identical twins on the basis of minutiae coordinates, orientation angles, and minutiae distances of their thumbprint images. 
We tested the proposed method on thumbprint images of an identical twin pair generated by using Incept H3 T&A Terminal and fifty pairs of identical twins of FVC04, and FVC06 datasets. We have found that the proposed approach is superior, and robust in comparison to existing techniques in terms of accuracy, efficiency, and storage space.

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Kamta Nath Mishra, P. C. Srivastava, Anupam Agrawal, Vivek Tripathi, Rishu Garg,"Minutiae Distances and Orientation Fields Based Thumbprint Identification of Identical Twins", IJIGSP, vol.5, no.2, pp.51-59, 2013. DOI: 10.5815/ijigsp.2013.02.08


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