Design and Implementation of Real Time RMS Measurement System based on Wavelet Transform Using adsPIC-type Microcontroller

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Hossam Eddine Guia 1,* Ammar Soukkou 2 Redha Meneceur 1 Abdelkrim Mohrem 3

1. Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Technology, El-Oued University, 39000 El-Oued, Algeria

2. Faculty of Sciences and Technology, Electronics Department, Jijel University, P.O. Box .98, Ouled-Aissa, Jijel, 18000, Algeria

3. M’Hamed Bougara University of Boumerdés, Boumerdés, Algeria

* Corresponding author.


Received: 22 Mar. 2020 / Revised: 26 May 2020 / Accepted: 20 Aug. 2020 / Published: 8 Dec. 2020

Index Terms

Wavelet transform, Root mean square, Electrical energy meter, Real-time measurement system, Digital Signal Processing, microcontroller


This paper presents a design and implementation of Root Mean Square (RMS) measurement system based on fast discrete Wavelet using a dsPIC-type microcontroller. For data acquisition, two sensors have been used such as the voltage divider for sensing voltage and the Hall Effect sensor for sensing the current. The proposed method has the real-time calculation advantages and can be used in sinusoidal and non–sinusoidal electrical power systems. The results of calculations have been verified using MATLAB and Proteus ISIS simulations. It has been proved that the Wavelet transform measuring technique is more accurate as it takes in consideration all the harmonics in the analyzed signal and provides temporal information, which is absent in other transforms or not directly available in the Fourier transform.

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Hossam Eddine Guia, Ammar Soukkou, Redha Meneceur, Abdelkrim Mohrem, " Design and Implementation of Real Time RMS Measurement System based on Wavelet Transform Using adsPIC-type Microcontroller", International Journal of Image, Graphics and Signal Processing(IJIGSP), Vol.12, No.6, pp. 43-56, 2020. DOI: 10.5815/ijigsp.2020.06.05


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