International Journal of Education and Management Engineering (IJEME)

IJEME Vol. 6, No. 2, Mar. 2016

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Democratizing IT: A Cloud Computing Framework

By Jitendra Singh

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Mar. 2016

Information technology (IT) is indispensable in the present day business scenario and equally sought by established as well as the new enterprises. Consequently, need is to democratize the IT resources in order to offer enough opportunities to everyone to grow. A new emerging paradigm termed as cloud computing is attempting to democratize the IT procurement and usage. This work has proposed a framework that maps the democratic values offered with the help of cloud computing. Various key features are mapped that are enablers in the proliferation of the democratic values including equal opportunity, share-ability and minimum upfront cost. Finally, this article also highlights the key initiatives by the various governments in order to promote democratic values through the cloud computing.

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Enterprise Architecture: A Tool for IS Strategy Formulation

By Budoor Salem Edhah Aasim Zafar

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Mar. 2016

Nowadays, many organizations are concerned with how successfully they can formulate an information system (IS) strategy. Have them adopted enterprise architecture, they are concerned of how to activate the business and IS decisions. From a functional perspective, enterprise architecture demonstrates how all information technology elements in an organization, systems, processes and people work together as a whole. Hence, enterprise architecture is an approach of aligning the business area of an organization with the IT area. It has become widely recognized that an enterprise architecture plays a key role in influencing the IS strategy formulation. Strategy formulation in enterprises is a continuous process and it is considered an implicit process that is influenced by a set of factors in which enterprise architecture is a major one. In this paper, we discuss that role that an enterprise architecture plays in influencing the IS strategy formulation.

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Edifice an Educational Framework using Educational Data Mining and Visual Analytics

By S Anupama Kumar

DOI:, Pub. Date: 8 Mar. 2016

Educational Data Mining and Visual analytics are two emerging trends in the industry that plays a major role in bringing out changes in the educational institutions. This paper discusses about building an educational framework that suits the higher education in India using the above mentioned technologies. Educational data mining comprises of various technologies and tasks which can applied on educational data to bring out useful information. In this research work, a data ware house is built to store the student data, two data mining tasks classification and association rule mining are applied over the student data set to analyse their performance in the examination. Decision tree algorithm is used to predict the course and program outcome. Association mining is used to analyze the outcome and understand technical capability of the students. The algorithms were found very accurate in predicting and analyzing the performance. Visual analytics is used in the framework to depict the analysis of the student's performance.

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