Trajectory Tracking Control and Robustness Analysis of a Robotic Manipulator using Advanced Control Techniques

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Reham H. Mohammed 1,* Basem E. Elnaghi 1 Fahmy A. Bendary 2 Kamel Elserfi 3

1. Electrical Department, Faculty of Engineering, Suez Canal University, 41522, Egypt

2. Electrical Department, Faculty of Engineering, Banha University,13518, Egypt

3. Electrical Department, Faculty of Engineering, Port said University,42526, Egypt

* Corresponding author.


Received: 19 May 2018 / Revised: 31 Aug. 2018 / Accepted: 16 Oct. 2018 / Published: 8 Nov. 2018

Index Terms

PUMA560, Quintic polynomial trajectories planning, Computed Torque Control (CTC), Artificial Neural Network (ANN), Fractional Order-Fuzzy-PID (FO-Fuzzy-PID), Fractional Order PID (FOPID)


The main focuses are to design controlling systems of good disturbance, stability rejection, and small error-tracking. Trajectory tracking of robot manipulators are controlled by several methodologies, but when robot manipulator works with uncertain dynamic models, some limitations of this technique appear. Concerning the control perspective, such uncertainty can be divided into two groups: the unstructured inputs (e.g. disturbance effect) and the structure dynamics (e.g. the changes of parameter). Within a small number of applications, some environments, could be unknown or unstructured, make use of robot manipulators, along with some tools of strong mechanics also can make use of new methods of control to design a controller of nonlinear robust with a reasonable performance. So in this paper we test the effect of disturbance in control the first DOF of PUMA 560 using non model based FO-Fuzzy-PID controller and compared its results with two model based controllers (CTC, ANN). Also we study the effect of change of inertias parameters in the 2 cases Model based control and non- Model based control and then discus which controller give the best results. The main objective of this paper is that the non model based FO-Fuzzy-PID is able to emulate the manipulator dynamic behaviour without the need to have a complex nonlinear mathematical model for the robot.

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Reham H. Mohammed, Basem E. Elnaghi, Fahmy A. Bendary, Kamel Elserfi,"Trajectory Tracking Control and Robustness Analysis of a Robotic Manipulator using Advanced Control Techniques", International Journal of Engineering and Manufacturing(IJEM), Vol.8, No.6, pp.42-54, 2018. DOI: 10.5815/ijem.2018.06.04


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