Feasibility Analysis of a 100MW Photovoltaic Solar Power Plant at Rajshahi, Bangladesh Using RETScreen Software

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Faridul Islam 1,* Nazmunnahar Moni 2 Suraya Akhter 2

1. Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Begum Rokeya University, Rangpur-5400, Bangladesh

2. Department of Physics, Begum Rokeya University, Rangpur-5400, Bangladesh

* Corresponding author.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5815/ijem.2023.04.01

Received: 30 Dec. 2022 / Revised: 13 Feb. 2023 / Accepted: 3 Mar. 2023 / Published: 8 Aug. 2023

Index Terms

Solar System, Sustainable Energy, Energy Analysis, PV, RETScreen, Net Present Value


As a result of the harmful effects of GHG on the environment, and the increase in fossil fuel prices, the world is currently searching for sustainable alternative energy sources instead of fossil fuels. Bangladesh is a country that has an ambitious aim to rely on sustainable energy. This study discusses the viability of a 100MW PV power project in Rajshahi, Bangladesh by using RETScreen software. This includes benchmarking, emissions analysis, and financial analysis. The power generation cost of the proposed PV power plant is 0.09 $/kWh based on the benchmark assessment and the annual power provided to the national power grid is determined to be 140,155MWh. According to the emission analysis, overall perspective emissions to the surroundings will be decreased by 78,797.7 tCO2 annually. The NPV and cumulative cash flow demonstrate good results based on the financial analysis. The outcome is, the proposed project is both financially and technically feasible, as well as environmentally beneficial, and will assist the government in meeting the aim of developing clean and sustainable energy.

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Faridul Islam, Nazmunnahar Moni, Suraya Akhter, "Feasibility Analysis of a 100MW Photovoltaic Solar Power Plant at Rajshahi, Bangladesh Using RETScreen Software", International Journal of Engineering and Manufacturing (IJEM), Vol.13, No.4, pp. 1-10, 2023. DOI:10.5815/ijem.2023.04.01


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