Direction to Prepare Item Bank for the Purpose of On-Line Evaluation

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Prashant M. Dolia 1,*

1. Department of Computer Science & Applications, Bhavnagar University, Bhavnagar Gujarat, India

* Corresponding author.


Received: 18 Feb. 2012 / Revised: 16 Mar. 2012 / Accepted: 5 Apr. 2012 / Published: 8 May 2012

Index Terms

Item Type – True-false, Completion, Interpretation, Objective, Multi Choice, Item Bank, On-Line Evaluation


Straight forward meaning of On-Line Evaluation is that, few questions are extracted from the question bank and user is asked to "mark" the response. Normally, questions are assumed to be of "objective type". In this paper, this traditional idea is extended and abstract concept of "Item Bank" is introduced. The researchers have developed and tested Item Bank software earlier. The guidelines discussed in the paper are the outcome of this real life experience. The scope of the Item bank would not be confined only the Evaluation of competency of respondents but it covers assessment of the person for fresh recruitments/ Assignments or for the Reward or to Accredit the achievement of the employee performance with the use of client server architecture.

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Prashant M. Dolia, "Direction to Prepare Item Bank for the Purpose of On-Line Evaluation", International Journal of Modern Education and Computer Science (IJMECS), vol.4, no.5, pp.18-24, 2012. DOI:10.5815/ijmecs.2012.05.03


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